Ep 138: Just The Boys & Greek Liquor

In this episode:

2 Hours of just the boys. We got new blood in the room and a lot to talk about.
Heavy peeves episode with a lot of great laughs.

Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/
Mark Normand: http://marknormandcomedy.com/

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We Might Be Drunk is produced, recorded and edited by Gotham Production Studios. Head producer: Matthew Peters https://www.gothamproductionstudios.com/

00:00 Casual Conversation and Travel Experiences
00:55 New Comedy Club in Chickapee and Comedy Adventures
02:56 Fun Trip to Washington – Golfing, Skiing, and Funny Incidents
08:17 Travel Misfortunes
14:20 Comedian’s Pop-Up Show Experience in Montreal
16:50 Praise for Directing and Video Experience
20:49 Comedic Experience and Appreciating Different Comedy Styles
22:32 Annoyances and Random Conversations
26:55 Frustrations with Dinning and House Furnishing
36:07 Last-Minute Decision on Going on a Cruise
37:15 Pet Peeves and controversial Topics
43:53 Discussion about Viral Video and Advertisements
49:45 Social Concerns and Public Figures
54:50 Financial Aspects and Internet Era
01:05:28 Discussions on Appearance and Media
01:09:42 Life Struggles and Hope
01:12:57 Discussions about Popular People
01:18:03 Humorous Conversations about Unconventional Sports
01:24:57 Exploring Different Topics for a Video
01:27:56 Discussion about Cultural Stereotypes
01:29:01 Discussions about Social Norms and Dating
01:32:54 Discussion about Crime and Comedy
01:35:59 Importance of Personal Stories in Comedy and Debrief
01:48:57 Drunk and Rebellious in New Orleans

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