Ep 137: Ian Lara & Old Fashioned Flight

Call in sick to work, stream it for the whole family, get a drink and enjoy the show, its the boys first Netflix hour, won’t be the last. Enjoy this and share it with a friend.

Ian Lara is here this week to join the guys for a banger of an ep to talk shop, movies, recs, peeves, and more.

Ian Lara: https://www.ianlaralive.com/
Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/
Mark Normand: http://marknormandcomedy.com/

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We Might Be Drunk is produced, recorded and edited by Gotham Production Studios. Head producer: Matthew Peters https://www.gothamproductionstudios.com/

00:00 Flight Delays and Comedy Gigs
03:09 Excitement for Chicago Theater Show
04:22 Frustration with Social Media Censorship and Performances in Denver and Santa Fe
09:00 Discussion about a Wealthy Town and a Jewish Wedding
12:12 Outrageous Stories from the Book About Orson Welles
16:42 Discussions about ‘The Critic’, Mike Reese, Titanic, and More
22:15 Movie Recommendations and RFK Jr.’s Physique
25:06 Discussion on Physical Appearances of Famous People and Aging
27:40 Encounters with Famous Figures in Sports and Entertainment
29:53 Stories from Bars and Comedy Clubs
38:50 A Comedian’s Expensive Mic Malfunction
39:48 A Crazy Invitation to Greece and Private Jet Travel
45:26 Promotion for Sheath Underwear and Hello Tushy Bidet
51:12 Bidets, Airplanes, Showers, and Basketball Conversations
53:33 Comedian’s Encounter with a Heckler in Bridgeport, Connecticut
56:53 Filming Location and Wilmington’s Hidden Gem
57:20 Reminiscing About Filming Locations and TV Shows
01:01:35 Memories of High School Sports and Road Life
01:04:17 Complements and Memories
01:04:17 Seeking Validation and Dealing with Criticism
01:07:07 The Value of Hard Work in Comedy
01:10:13 Thoughts on Crowd Work in Comedy
01:11:38 Reminiscing about a talented actor
01:13:40 Performing Comedy and Working with Successful Comedians
01:17:23 Using a Volcano Smoker for Whiskey and Movie Chats
01:18:46 Movie Views and Questionable Choices on a Plane
01:19:10 Cancel Culture, Social Media Deactivation, and Comedian Stavros Halkias
01:29:28 Reflections on Artistic Growth and Comedy Festivals
01:29:50 Expressions of Appreciation and Observations
01:29:50 Investing in Comedians and Selling Out Shows
01:35:51 Reflections on Fame and Validation
01:35:51 The Importance of Working Clean and Opening for a Comedy Legend
01:38:20 Upcoming Shows, Tour Announcements, and Cocktail Recipe Book

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