Ep 136: Ali Siddiq & Rum Punch

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Don’t forget to check out Mark Normand’s comedy special Soup To Nuts on NETFLIX July 25th!

Ali Siddiq joins this week with some extra punchy Rum Punch.

Ali Siddiq: https://www.alisiddiq.com/
Mark Normand: http://marknormandcomedy.com/#schedule
Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/

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00:00 Soup To Nuts!
01:38 Show Begins
07:52 Recipes for Tropical Drinks
09:28 Travel, Comedians and their Lifestyle
19:41 Discussing Online Platforms and their Issues
22:42 Issues about WNBA and Sports
25:05 Australia & Aspects of Society
30:12 Personal Styling and Eating Habits
32:22 Comedy and Wrestling
36:46 Comedian’s Touring Experience
39:25 Personal Stories and Confrontations
45:44 Prison Life and Drug Trade
49:46 Street Dealings
53:41 Basketball, Music & College Life
56:18 Life in Prison
01:01:12 Conflict and Misunderstandings in Jail
01:03:39 Stories About Roxana & Various Topics In Prison
01:13:13 About Sexuality and Underlying Issues in Prison
01:19:09 Bullying in Prison and Remembering TV Commercials
01:24:37 Negative Experiences and Consequences in Prison
01:31:34 Food Preferences and Habits in Prison and Life Experiences
01:38:35 Living Comedian’s Day-to-Day Life
01:46:17 Being a Comedian and Aspired to be in this Industry
01:52:58 Black Comedians, Upcoming Shows & Discussion about Club Culture
02:06:12 Comedian Show Tours and Performance Plans

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