Ep 133: Yannis Pappas & Paul Virzi

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Episode 133 with guests Yannis Pappas and Paul Virzi coming in late to the party. 
We have a lot of fun on this episode sharing a lot of drinks and laughs. 

Find Yannis and Paul on the road near you, also check out Mark Normand and Sam Morril on the road:

Paul Virzi: https://paulvirzi.com/
Yannis Pappas: https://www.yannispappascomedy.com/
Mark Normand: http://marknormandcomedy.com/
Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/

Shop: https://www.wemightbedrunkpod.com
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wemightbedrunkpod


We Might Be Drunk is produced, recorded and edited by Gotham Production Studios. Head producer: Matthew Peters https://www.gothamproductionstudios.com/

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