Ep 127: Rosebud Baker

Get ready for a hilarious episode of “We Might Be Drunk” with your hosts Mark Normand and Sam Morril! On this special Mother’s Day edition, they are joined by the incredibly talented comedian Rosebud Baker. Rosebud’s sharp wit and unique perspective will have you laughing out loud as they dive into the latest hot topics.

Join the conversation using the hashtags #WeMightBeDrunk #MarkNormand #SamMorril #RosebudBaker #ComedyPodcast #MothersDay #LaughOutLoud #TopicalHumor. Share the laughs and spread the joy with your fellow comedy enthusiasts!

And here’s a Mother’s Day joke to bring a smile to your face: Why did the mom bring a ladder to the bakery? Because she wanted to make sure she got a “top-tier” cake for Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy the episode!

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