Ep 122: Dustin Nickerson Drinks Tom Collins

Get ready for another hilarious episode of “We Might Be Drunk” with hosts Mark Normand and Sam Morril! In this episode, they’re joined by the talented comedian Dustin Nickerson, who’s promoting his new comedy special on YouTube, “Runs In The Family”.

The guys start off the show by sipping on Tom Collins cocktails and diving into a range of topics, from sports in Seattle to the Krackens and Seattle Super Sonics. Dustin brings his own unique brand of humor to the conversation, sharing hilarious anecdotes and riffing off Mark and Sam’s quick wit.

If you’re a fan of comedy, sports, or just looking for some lighthearted entertainment, you won’t want to miss this episode of “We Might Be Drunk”. Use the hashtags #WeMightBeDrunk, #MarkNormand, #SamMorril, and #DustinNickerson to connect with other fans of the show and join the conversation. With plenty of laughs and witty banter, this episode is sure to brighten up your day!


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