Close Frisbee | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #342

In this episode:

New Tour Dates!

Theo takes calls from listeners who have gotten “big wins” recently, talks about what goes down in Hampton Inns and helps out a soldier leaving the military figure out his next step in life. Plus, Theo surprises a hard-working, single mom and her kids with a FaceTime call.

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“Runs in the Family” – Matthew Koziol

“Baptise Me” – Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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Producer: Nick Davis

Producer: Sean Dugan

0:00 – Get Wet For Summer
0:20 – Boogie & Big Milford
2:15 – Opening song: Runs in the Family, by Matthew Koziol
3:48 – Close Frisbee Fellas
6:51 – Theo Goes Skeet Shooting w/ Kid Rock
8:34 – Buying Azaleas
10:01 – Growing Up
14:23 – AD: Liquid Death / Tour Dates
15:41 – Chattanooga
18:15 – Gay Rumors
22:19 – Theo Takes Calls on Tour Name Suggestions
25:10 – Nude Saunas
34:46 – AD: ShipStation / Helix Sleep
39:50 – This Next Year
42:31 – Theo Takes Calls on “Wins”
57:19 – AD: (Kratom) / Manscaped
1:01:51 – TikTok Video of Jordan Peterson Impression
1:03:43 – TikTok Video of Slap Boxing at Popeyes
1:05:04 – Getting Lost In a Character of Yourself
1:14:20 – Single Mom Submission
1:21:25 – Theo Takes Caller Suggestions For Guy Getting Out of the Military
1:26:09 – Closing song: Baptize Me, by Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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