Chrissy Can't Stop Taking Edibles and Creatine | Chris Distefano and Mike Cannon | Ep 162

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Chrissy started taking edibles a few weeks ago and the kid just cannot stop now, especially when he’s all rattled up about home life like this week he yelled at his daughter. What else do we get into this week? The Quiet on Set doc, Mike’s upcoming birthday, Chris’ addition to creatine, their dad’s genitalia and MEAN COMMENTS makes a return!!!

00:30 – Intro
07:12 – Chicken Parm
11:28 – Yellin’ at Kids
19:27 – Creatine
23:07 – Talkin Comedy Cuz
26:57 – Relationships Yo
31:00 – Live Reads
36:34 – Mike’s Birthday Surprise
39:17 – Our Dad’s Dicks!
45:17 – DRAKE BELL
56:05 – Live Read 2
1:00:00 – Chris is Dying
1:02:41 – Neil Young VS Joe Rogan
1:07:49 – HIV Baby
1:14:56 – Boeing Scandal
1:17:52 – MEAN Comments

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