Chris and Eddy Show Vol. 5 | Jake Paul v Mike Tyson, Matt Rife v Satire, Mike's Baby Names | Ep. 160

In this episode:

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Chris Distefano and Mike Cannon are SHMACKED off edibles and fresh off a night out for Chris’ surprise end of tour party and special taping Sunday night! No mean comments this week as we are looking for baby names for Mike (there’s still time to leave one!), the guys talk about drugs, Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson, Alex Jones, Ryan Garcia and so mich more!!

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00:00 – Chris’ Surprise Party
15:30 – Should the boys hop on a Cycle?
18:38 – Being in work mode
20:00 – What is a dirty pierre
23:00 – Mike’s sobriety
24:00 – Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson
26:00 – Chrissy Picnics
30:00 – Chris’ Tribute Video
33:00 – Calling Steve Ciccone Ricaroni
44:00 – Back to Mike Tyson and Jake Paul
9:00 – Mike’s DMT Trip
42:00 – Father John’s Updates from Ecuador
1:03:00 – Guy claim Matt Rife sucked his way to fame
1:07:00 – Mike Cannon Baby Names
1:19:08 – Parent of the Week: Ryan Garcia
1:26:30 – Alex Jones at Bohemian Grove
1:28:30 – Chris doesn’t know wtf is happening
1:31:30 – Fan Voicemail


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