Blubbery Edging Pig with Jim Norton | Chris Distefano is Chrissy Chaos | EP 116

In this episode:

WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos!

Chrissy Chaos is joined by comedian @JimNortonComedy check out his live dates at 👀 Norton is a comedy LEGEND and hosts Jim and Sam on Sirius XM ! You know him from way back, to the Opie and Anthony days back to the times he was telling stories with Patrice live on air about hiding a crack smoking prostitute in his grandmother’s basement. Who was pregnant by the way! 😅 We learn of what a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan Norton is to the point he bough him 18lbs worth of books for his birthday! The two talk about comedians being sober today and how they’ve replaced it with different vices — Norton has replaced it with hookers in Las Vegas. But not anymore as his is in a committed relationship to where the two relate on what it is to have a girlfriend. Chris is off to Italy with his girlfriend but needed help with a physical gift, but Prada is giving us problems!!
The two weigh in on Spanish Actress Impregnates w Son Sperm and if that is incest? Also what do we think happened to the Taliban capturing British YouTuber? It’s ALL CHAOS! Listen, watch and share babes!! 🙆🏼‍♂️

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00:00 Chrissy Chaos
1:09 Welcome Jim Norton!
3:06 Evolving in Comedy!!
5:30 Dirty Text Cheating
7:40 Bud Light – Who cares!!
10:01 Numbers Don’t Need to Tell Norton
11:51 Ruined a Relationship on Radio
14:24 Pregnant Prostitute Living in the basement
15:40 Young Norton Pranks
18:51 Honey Babe!
20:15 Arcade and Crank
23:00 Sober Comedians
24:32 Blubbery Edging Pig
27:56 Biggest Ozzy Osbourne Fan
32:41 Biggest 1975 Fan
35:20 Hello Fresh!
37:30 Spanish Actress Impregnates w Son Sperm
40:16 Fuck Prada
41:28 Don’t Care about Easter
42:12 Taliban Captures British YouTuber
44:10 Check Ticket Counts
49:10 Ebb and Flows of Comedy
52:00 Dating a Prostitute
56:01 Chrissy Sicily
57:45 Comedy Tours Traveling World
1:03:00 Anxiety Leaving NY
1:04:16 Love to Drive
1:05:40 Fake Ghost Story
1:06:37 Comedic Integrity !!

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