Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast: Driving in Reverse w/ Sal Vulcano!

Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast presents stand up comedian, podcast host and Impractical Joker Sal Vulcano! You know Sal from Impractical Jokers, Stand up comedy, Hey Babe Podcast w/ Chris Distefano, Taste Buds Podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von and so much more! Check out his new special “Terrified” OUT NOW! Thanks for watching Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast. Come to a live show!

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Comedians H. Foley and Kevin Ryan are self proclaimed GARBAGE. Each week a new stand up comedian gets put to the test.
Steal shampoo from hotels?
Own a George Foreman Grill?
Ever worn JNCO Jeans?

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