#187 Dude caught making AI Nudes of Wife's Friends! & Betting on the Special Olympics w/ Che Durena

The Boys welcome Che Durena to the cast to discuss Hugh Hefner’s son joining Onlyfans to support his Pokemon card addiction, the Special Olympics allowing offshore betting, sleep streaming becoming a thing, and a man creates AI p*rn of his wife’s friends.

0:00 – Intro
2:15 – Boyscast start
2:30 – Strippers are artists
4:30 – Jay Durant & Strippers
6:19 – Paul Pierce hammered on livestream
8:50 – New idea: Hospitals set up an onlyfans for you to pay medical bills
10:53 – Man creates AI p*rn of his wife’s friends
21:39 – Hugh Hefner’s heir starting onlyfans to fund Pokemon card obsession
27:55 – Sleep streaming has been hijacked by pervs
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34:41 – Black polyamory
44:51 – Special olympics accepting offshore betting
56:14 – NCAA has a ‘Hot Girl’ problem
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1:10:25 – Conor Mcgregor in the news
1:19:00 – Charlie Puth wrote a song during sex
1:25:29 – 5 Questions to ask employers about whether your workplace is LGBTQ+ inclusive (and not get hired)

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