#186 Bill Gates' Mosquito Factory & The Gayest Manliness Cult in History

In this episode:

Bill Gates’ diabolical plan to rid the world of mosquito-borne illnesses, controversy with flag placement in the White House, witches are eating corpses of roadkill, and a group of dudes get together over zoom to promote masculinity all over each other.


0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Bill Gates’ Mosquito factory
10:19 – Rexalti side effects seem worse than the ailment
14:11 – Chinese people online roast white people food, “Lunch of suffering”
15:57 – Asian crackdown on comedy
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33:15 – White House pride flag controversy
41:32 – Andrew Tate interview
46:37 – Semen release ritual where bros platonically c*m together
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1:14:37 – Prank from Dan Margera sketch makes YouTube viewer blow a fuse
1:21:50 – Witches caught doing “Carcass eating ritual” on doorbell camera
1:24:25 – GOAT of the week – wealthy man saves money by getting meals from food banks

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