#151 What the Hell is 'White Husband Privilege’?

In this episode:

Blue checkmark larpers, election stress, the best Uber ad and WHITE HUSBAND PRIVILEGE!


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0:00 Blue Checkmark Larpers
1:26 The Elections
8:21 5 Ways To Soothe Election Stress
10:39 Is Crypto A Scam?
18:17 Ryan’s Plane Nightmare
22:26 The Best Uber Ad
26:38 The Return Of The Shop Teacher
29:41 What It’s Like To Have White Husband Privilege
59:01 Ad – Patreon.com/theboyscast
1:00:39 SNL Slammed For Having Dave Chappelle As Host
1:11:34 Ventriloquist Retires Racist Puppet to The Shelf After Backlash
1:18:04 Kyrie Irving
1:25:30 Mitchell Miller Canceled
1:32:34 Outro

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