#146 Trans Women Still Get Drafted To WW3?

In this episode:

Kanye West controversy, non-binary actors, oldhead memes and DRAFTS FOR EQUALITY!

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Danny’s Fast
6:37 PayPal
8:25 Sarah Silverman Kanye West Tweet
19:52 Zoom Standup Shows
23:26 Alex Jones Ordered To Pay 1 Billion Dollars
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31:03 Drafts For Equality
38:53 Russia Anti-America Ad
42:35 Ukrainians Plan Massive Orgy If Russia Uses Nukes
46:47 Could A Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming
49:42 Non-Binary House Of Dragons Star Is Good At Playing Women
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59:41 Yes, I’m A Mom Who Still Nurses My 3 Year Old Son
1:05:00 Oldhead memes
1:06:58 Men Are More Likely To Flirt At Work To Get A Promotion?
1:11:30 Righteous Utah Psychologist
1:14:54 r/Autosexual

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