#135 John Crist on Being Cancelled, Religion, Frauds, & Rehab

John Crist is a Comedian and Viral Star with more than one billion video views, over five million fans on social media and sells out theatres across the country.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Who’s The Biggest Real Internet Personality?
5:55 Left And Right Are Doing The Same Thing
8:03 Niche Art
10:22 Hack Comedy
12:50 Celebrities Sticking To Their Thing
17:58 Corrupt Churches
24:17 Comedy & Punching Down
30:06 John Christ On Religion
50:30 John Christ’s Most Important Life Philosophy
1:20:25 The Purpose Of Comedy
1:34:20 Funny TikToks
1:40:58 Subjective Comedy
1:44:39 Outro

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