#122 Is Jewface Problematic? with ARI SHAFFIR (THE BOYSCAST)

300 personalities, Lena Dunham, Bradley Cooper’s prosthetic nose and ARI SHAFFIR!

Ari Shaffir is a comedian, actor, podcaster and writer.


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Ryan @ryanlongcomedy
Danny @dannyjokes
Ari @arishaffir

0:00 2 Episodes A Week?!
1:07 New Intro Song
1:47 TikToker Has 300 Personalities
4:53 Lena Dunham Poses Poolside In Bikini
7:14 Protesters
10:49 Girl’s Sick Of Having Big Chest
22:29 Washington Post Suspends David Weigel Over Sexist Retweet
31:18 Man Believes His Dad’s A Serial Killer
38:08 The Recession Is Happening Because You’re Grumpy
47:26 Ad – Babbel.com/boyscast – Up To 60% Off Your Subscription
49:26 Ari Shaffir Interview Preview
50:04 Introducing Ari Shaffir
53:38 Is Bradley Cooper’s Prosthetic Leonard Bernstein Nose Problematic?
1:02:53 The Comedy & Entertainment Industry
1:16:05 The Amazing Racist & Reality Shows
1:20:27 Corporations Taking Stances
1:23:41 Bad Crowd Work
1:29:31 The Old School Days Of Comedy
1:34:11 Has Society Gotten More Sensitive?
1:42:35 Pride Drag Show
1:53:18 r/Antinatalism
1:59:14 Religion & Jews
2:06:25 Outro

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